How Your Body Language Can Affect Your Job interview in 2021 | Jb Interview Tips

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How Your Body Language Can Affect Your Job Interview in 2021 | Jb Interview Tips | Hints & Tips

Body language tells the truth. Body language in a job interview gives the interviewer a great deal of information that is not conveyed by the spoken word alone.

It reveals whether the candidate is confident, goal-oriented, and focused – or indeed, whether the candidate might actually be bored, insecure, or nervous.

 it is important to think about what your body is saying about you during an interview. Therefore in this write we will give you hints and tips on what your body language should be like during an interview.

How Your Body Language Can Affect Your Job Interview in 2021

How Your Body Language Can Affect Your Job interview in 2021

1. Maintain eye contact.

This shouldn’t be confused with staring, but make sure that you look at the interviewer whilst talking. It can be hard to keep eye contact when you are nervous, but looking away whilst talking may look like you are insecure.

2. Make sure you keep a good posture.

Leaning too far forward can be seen as aggressive and leaning too far back is a sign that you are lazy. The best thing to do is try and adopt a neutral posture so sit up straight!

3. Avoid fidgeting

. It may be tempting when nervous to fidget, whether it be playing with a pen or twiddling your thumbs, try and avoid this. Studies have shown that employers are less likely to hire you if you fidget as it is a sign of under preparation and a lack of confidence.

4. Try not to touch your face.

While it is a fact that on average we touch our faces between 2-4 times a minute, it is best to avoid this during an interview. Touching your nose can make you appear dishonest, whilst touching your forehead may make you appear nervous.

5. Avoid crossing your arms.

Doing this makes you seem defensive and can give the impression of resistance. It is better to keep your arms at your side or place them on your lap when seated.

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